Create a New Account

Onboarding onto the Talisman wallet is fast and easy. In this guide, we will show you how to create a new Talisman account.

  1. Once Talisman is downloaded on your browser, you should see this screen.

  1. Create a secure password for your Talisman account, and click “Continue” once finished.

  1. Choose to accept or deny data collection.

  1. Now it’s time to add your first account. You can choose to create a new Ethereum or Polkadot account depending on your preference. We will select Ethereum for this example.

  1. Once you’ve chosen your preferred network, give your account a unique name.

Note: You can also add an account from within the wallet by navigating to Settings and selecting the “Add Account” button.

  1. After you have given your new account a name, it's time to secure your recovery phrase.

    We strongly encourage you to back up your recovery phrase by writing it down and storing it in a secure location.

    Once written down, acknowledge that you have backed up your recovery phrase, and click “Continue”.

    If you prefer to backup later, you may leave this option unselected, and the wallet will remind you to back this up at a later time. Do this at your own risk!

  1. Now that you have backed-up your recovery-phrase, your new Talisman account is set up and ready for use!

We would like to remind you once more of how extremely important backing up your recovery phrase is when utilizing Talisman. For more information on how you can maintain your account’s security, check out our article here.

In addition to creating a new account on Talisman, you can also import accounts from other sources. Find out how you can import an account from Polkadot.JS, EVM, Ledger, and Polkadot Vault.

Version v1.20.1

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