Opt-in or out of Networks

In this article, we’ll show you how to opt-in or out of EVM or Substrate networks. You can disable networks so that the wallet does not load networks that you are not using. But remember to turn them on again when you want to view tokens on these networks!

  1. From the popup, click on the more options menu

  1. Select “Settings”

  1. Select “Networks and Tokens” from the list on the left panel

  1. Choose “Manage networks”.

    Here you can add enable and disable networks for either Polkadot or Ethereum.

  1. Select either Ethereum or Polkadot (depending on which networks you want to enable/disable). Click the toggles to enable/disable a network of your choice. Note that if you’re looking to add custom EVM networks, you can do this by clicking on the "Add network" button, and following the tutorial here.


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