Ethereum Signing Requests Analysis

Ethereum Signing Requests Analysis in Talisman provides users with comprehensive risk assessments by simulating transactions and analyzing message content, helping to identify security threats.


Talisman will analyze Ethereum signing requests as an opt-in feature that users can enable in Talisman settings.

When signing a transaction or message from an Ethereum application, Talisman will analyze their content to provide an overview of the outcome of the request, as well as to identify any associated security risks:

  • In the case of a transaction, the transaction will be simulated on an up to date fork of the target blockchain, so that Talisman will display the changes that are to be expected if submitting that transaction, such as token transfers.

  • In the case of a message, it will be analyzed to determine which actions could be done by leveraging the message's content if it were to be signed.

Based on this information and the website from which the signing request is emitted, Talisman will provide a risk assessment as either displaying a "No risks found" indication or a list of comprehensive warnings explaining the risks associated with signing the request.

The simulations and risk assessment are provided by, a global web3 security company specialized in this domain.

Supported networks

This feature is provided on the following list of networks, which will expand over time:

  • Ethereum Mainnet

  • Polygon (PoS)

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Arbitrum One

  • Optimism

  • Base

  • Avalanche

  • Degen

  • Blast

  • Gnosis

  • Linea

  • Zora

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