Explore Polkadot

The Explore section in the Talisman Portal provides a big collection of dApps and projects of many categories for you to browse. Check them all out to make the most out of your funds in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. Maybe you will find some that you like but never heard of before.

Access the Explore section via the highlighted button on the Talisman Portal or click this direct link: https://app.talisman.xyz/explore

Now you can browse through the most interesting dApps and projects of the ecosystem. They all come with a short description and an iconic picture.

All entries come with a tag to divide all entries into fitting categories. If you look for some specific usecase you can select one of the categories at the top of the page. These are all currently available categories.

If you are just using your favourite search engine to find a dApp you might end up on a counterfeit site. With the Talisman Explore feature you can rest assured that you always access the genuine Website of the dApp or project you want to visit.

After clicking any entry and being redirected to the dApp you might get asked to connect your wallet. This activity and any other activity on the dApp's website is not associated with the Talisman Explore feature and only required if you actually want to use the dApp.

Propose a new entry

If your favourite or even your own dApp or project is not yet featured you can request it being added add the bottom of the page. There is a Missing Project entry. Click it, fill out the form and the requested app will be reviewed to be added.

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