Back Up Your Secret Phrase

Your Secret phrase is your account.

It is essential that you keep your Secret Phrase in a safe place at all times — losing it means losing access to your funds. We also strongly suggest that you never store your Secret Phrase online, as this is an unnecessary risk of leaking it to the outside world. Store it physically, e.g. on a piece of paper, and hide it in a safe place that only you have access to.

Although JSON files are a popular way to store your accounts when migrating from one wallet/extension to another, JSON files are not a time-proof way to store your accounts. If you forget the password associated to your JSON files and you don't have a Secret Phrase for those accounts, you will no longer be able access those funds.

Therefore, you must keep your Secret Phrase safely locked away offline alongside any JSON file that you have. You can always obtain a new JSON file from a Secret Phrase, but you can never obtain a Secret Phrase from a JSON file.

Accessing your Secret Phrase straight after onboarding.

  1. From the Expanded view of the Talisman extension, click Backup now

2. Enter your Talisman password and click View Secret Phrase

3. Click on the hand icon to see your Secret Phrase and copy it down on a physical material (i.e paper, notebook, metal plate, etc.) for long-term storage

4. Switch I've backed it up ON to complete the process.

Accessing your Secret phrase at any other time after onboarding.

1. Click on Settings

2. Click Backup Wallet

3. Enter your Talisman password and click View Recovery Phrase

Remember to keep your Secret Phrase safe! It is the only thing necessary to access your funds.

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