Using the Talisman Portal

The Talisman Portal has a simple layout that is easy to navigate and comes with translation in numerous languages. You will find all available sections and features at the top of the website. The Portal offers further features to extend the tools of the Talisman wallet. For example the DOT pool staking feature or the dApp explorer. Even track your NFTs across all chains to keep track of absolutely all your funds.

1. Visit

2. You will find a button labelled Connect Wallet in the top right of the screen.

3. Click it to select the wallet you want to use - obviously we recommend Talisman!

4. Enter your password if needed and select the Talisman accounts you want to connect. You can further differ between connected accounts in the Portal's account selection feature.

5. Once connected you can go ahead exploring the current features.

  • Portfolio enables you to view all your fungible tokens across all chains.

  • NFTs helps you keep track of all your NFTs across all chains.

  • Explore dApps in the whole ecosystem with numerous categories like gaming, social, defi and many more.

  • Staking to use the streamlined pool staking feature on Polkadot. Generate top tier staking rewards with a low entry barrier and carefully selected pools you can rely on.

You can now safely explore the Paraverse. Check out the following articles.

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