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An introduction to the Talisman webapp

Account Management

The portal is a powerful tool that allow you to connect accounts from multiple browser extension and even add "watched" addresses that you can add manually to inspect accounts you might not have the keys of on your local machine. Watched accounts can be added at the bottom of the account selection dropdown menu.

By default all portfolio subcategories will gather data from all accounts connected. If you want to narrow it down to a specified account you need to select this account manually in the account selection menu.


The landig section of the portal is the portfolio overview. This overview groups different features on one site.


Here you will have all your assets listed with their icons as well as the icons of the chains the assets reside on. Aditionally this table view differentiates between locked and available assets. The assets will be displayed with total token amount and the current valuation in $US.

Portfolio allocation

This pie chart will visualize how your holdings are distributed. This can be toggled to switch between the asset and state mode. Just click the pill shaped buttons.

In asset mode it will show the distribution by token type while the state mode will show which percentage of your holdings is in the "available", "reserved" and "locked" state.


The staking section shows the value of your pool staked assets. It groups the account you staked with the pool you selected. In addition to the total value of the staked value you can also keep track of the rewards that are ready for you to claim without having to visit a dedicated staking dashboard. The colour of the small dot in front of the pool name indicates the current state. A green one means the pool is currently nominating a validator in the active set and is earning rewards. A red colour means for some reason the pool is currently not generating any rewards but that is rather unlikely to happen. Check the Staking section of the docs to learn more about this topic and how Talisman selects its validators.

This section is basically a shortcut to the actions necessary for maintaining your staking position. This includes the functionality to withdraw pending funds, increase your stake, claim rewards or unstake funds.


For each crowdloan you have participated in you will be able to see how much DOT / KSM you have contributed and what the current value in USD is. With a click on the individual crowdloans you will also gain insights on the token allocation and vesting schedules. For special chains there might be special features available as it is for Moonbeam.

On Moonbeam you can also view the EVM style address that you have linked the crowdloan participation to so you know where to find your tokens.


This section is all about highlighting NFTs. The portal will gather your NFTs from multiple networks and display their core image. To see more details of an NFT simply click it. This will enlarge the image and show the traits, rarity and additional information associated with that specific nft. Furthermore this mode displays the network the NFT is based on with a link forwarding you to a common marketplace.

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