Spirit Keys and Commendations

The NFT collections of Talisman

There are two separate NFT collections related to Talisman community access and involvement: the Sprit Keys and the Commendations.

Sprit Keys

Spirit Keys are used for giving holders access privileges to the Spirit Clan: a community of advanced Talisman users and proficient explorers of the Paraverse. The Key is needed to take part in the dedicated Spirit-Clan Discord channel where members enjoy sneak peeks, and sometimes even early access of not-yet-released features. Furthermore, these key-holders have had the first opportunity to participate in collaborations with different successful projects, for example, the NFT project Evrloot.

These Spirit Keys are limited to just 3333 pieces and only listed on the open market from time to time, so don't hesitate to get them while they are available. Check out the whole collection on the Singular marketplace.

In the early stages of the wallet the Spirit Keys were earned by involvement and contribution. They were needed to download the closed beta version of the wallet. Luckily nowadays everyone can use the wallet, keys are only attainable via purchase, and the appreciation of contribution is done with the Commendation NFTs.


The Commendations are earned by being valuable to Talisman and its community in any shape or form. Sometimes they are also handed out during special events on the Talisman Official Discord. They are distributed biweekly and awarded to those who stand out in a positive way, nominated by other members of the community. These Commendations are an on-chain record a person's contribution.

Talisman plans on utilizing these NFTs for transitioning to community ownership. This concept was shaped by the co-founder Agyle. You can read more about it in this medium article.

Commendations come in five different rarities: Silver, Gold, Heirloom, Artifact and Azurite. The more rare the Commendation the more eventual future reward it represents. Check the aforementioned medium article for a better understanding of the rarities and their future usecase. Each type has the ratio to the Golden Commendation annotated. For example, one Heirloom Commendation is equivalent to 5 Golden Commendations.

The most common types of Commendation are Silver and Gold.

You can check the whole NFT collection on the Singular marketplace. Sometimes, foolish people even sell their earned Commendations, but keep in mind that Talisman will never put them on sale directly. They have to be earned, first!

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