Metamask and Talisman popup priority

If you want to use Talisman only

Talisman is a fully-featured Ethereum wallet, and can be used to replace MetaMask entirely.

If you'd prefer to use Talisman only, please disable MetaMask in your browser, to prevent it from injecting and responding to requests from the page.

You can check out this tutorial for how to import your MetMask accounts into Talisman.

Talisman is designed to prioritise MetaMask

Some people want to continue using MetaMask alongside Talisman. For this reason, Talisman has been designed to prioritise MetaMask when connecting to dapps via the legacy window.ethereum method. Most dapps still use this method, although many are now switching to the newer EIP-6963 method. For more info on EIP-6963, we have written more about it in this article.

If you use both Talisman and MetaMask in your browser, MetaMask is designed to popup when a dapp makes a request to connect an account or sign a transaction. Talisman is not designed to override Metamask.

Possible MetaMask/Talisman popup issues

If you'd prefer to continue to use MetaMask, but you find that Talisman is popping up instead, the problem is nearly always that the Ethereum connection is being interfered with by other wallet extensions installed in the browser.

Most commonly, Phantom wallet causes this problem, however other Ethereum wallets may do so. The Phantom team have been notified of this issue. We recommend to disable or uninstall other Ethereum wallets when using Talisman.

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