Get your first DOT / KSM

This guide will cover three different ways to get your first DOT / KSM

You can buy your crypto via the Talisman integrated fiat on-ramp, a dex and a cex. Dex stands for decentralized exchange and requires to already have some form of token to trade against. Cex on the other hand stands for centralized exchange that allows you to deposit funds like Euro or Dollar via regular bank transfer. Each with their own up- and downsides.

Get your funds via the Talisman integrated fiat on-ramp

1. Click on the buy button in the extension view or the expanded view.

2. Select a Substrate account to purchase substrate based assets like DOT / KSM or an EVM account for ethereum assets like ETH / MOVR. These are all the assets you can buy via the Banxa fiat on-ramp at the moment. Finally decide on the dollar amount you are willing to pay and click Continue.

3. You will be redirected to the Banxa website where you can review your order and choose a payment service. Either pay with credit card and pay a small amount of gateway fees or even use google pay for a zero fee purchase. Note that Talisman doesn't take a cut of any applicable fees! Talisman will automatically put in the address of the account you chose earlier. Finally click Create Order.

4. Enter your email and verify it with a pin.

5. Enter your personal information and verify your ID. The following steps depend on your ID type and country of residence. Simply follow the instructions and finish the transaction. After this first transaction you can use the service again without repeating the KYC steps.

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