Adding Custom Tokens

This article will show you how to add custom EVM tokens to your Talisman wallet. As you might know there are countless tokens in the EVM ecosystem because literally everyone can create them. To not bloat your wallet with those mostly irrelevant tokens you have to manually add the ones you would like to use.

It starts with pulling the desired contract address from a trustworthy source. For example Coingecko. Copy the contract address shown in the red box to your clipboard. This contract address is a unique identifier for this token.

Now that you got your contract address you need to add it to your Talisman wallet. This setting is available in the expanded view mode. Click the marked icon if you are starting in the extension view.

  1. Go to the Settings and click Manage Custom Tokens.

2. Click Add custom token.

3. Now we have to fill in the required information for the token we want to add. First of all you have to specify the network. In this example we will use Ethereum as we want to use our example DAI on the Ethereum network. Note that this varies depending on the token you want to import.

In the rare case that the desired network is not available in the drop down menu you need to add the network manually. There will be a guide to this at the end of the page. Otherwise continue with the next step.

4. Paste in the contract address that you pulled from coingecko into the Contract Address field. You will notice that the Symbol and the Decimals are getting fetched automatically so you don't need to worry about that. Once everything is set up you can proceed by clicking Add Token.

5. This brings you back to the main view of the Manage custom tokens settings. Now the desired token should be listed here. In this example we successfully added DAI. You can directly add more custom tokens by repeating the previous steps or start playing around with your new token.

What if the desired network is not available in the drop down menu?

To manually add the network to the list you need to visit any dApp or bridge that makes use of this network. Talisman will pick it up automatically upon connecting to the dApp. Talisman asks for your approval to add the network. In this example "Klaytn" is the name of the network.

After approving it should be selectable from the drop down shown in step 3. Head back to this step to complete the process.

If you have trouble to connect to the dApp you should make sure that you enabled MetaMask Dapp compatibility in the Setting Extension Options.

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