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In order to import your Ledger accounts into your Talisman Wallet you have to make sure that you are using the latest Ledger app for the chain you want to use. So to import your Kusama Ledger account you need to have the latest Kusama Ledger app as well as the latest Ledger firmware installed in order for the whole process to work. In case you have trouble you can also check Ledger's official guide on how to connect your Ledger.

Even when you import your Ledger Account into your Talisman Wallet the private key never leaves your Ledger. Talisman only broadcasts your transactions to your Ledger and lets you keep track of your assets. Everything stays safe.

  1. To start importing your Ledger account you need to go to the Talisman Settings and choose Import from Ledger.

2. Chose the ecosystem (Substrate or Ethereum) of the account you want to import.

3. Chose the chain for which you want to import the accounts. Right now only Kusama and Polkadot are supported by Talisman.

4. Now a chrome-ui popup should display and ask for a device that you want to connect. Chose your Ledger and confirm by clicking Connect. Make sure that theLedger App open and the Ledger is unlocked.

5. Talisman approves the successfull connection and you can proceed with Continue

6. Now that your ledger is connected and Talisman has been granted access you can decide on which accounts you want to import. Keep in mind that Load next shows the next account that is derived from the root account. The accounts all share the same underlying seed phrase and shouldn't be thought of as isolated from each other. Tick all the checkboxes for the accounts you want to import and click Continue.

7. The import is complete and you can now select the freshly imported accounts via the dropdown menu. They are specially tagged as a Ledger account with the yellow USB sign to remind you that these accounts are from external devices. The chain these accounts support is marked in the account image with the respective logo.

v 1.1

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