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Q: Is Talisman wallet safe?

A: The Talisman extension wallet has been audited by Atredis Partners

Talisman is a non-custodial wallet. We do not hold your funds and we do not have the means to access them. Your funds are only as safe as your device and your private key. Do not share your secret phrase with anyone and always back it up.

Q: What's the difference between Talisman and Polkadot.js?

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Q: Can I import my account from Polkadot.js into Talisman?

A: Talisman makes it easy to import your Polkadot.js accounts. All you need is your Polkadot.js password and exported .json file. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Talisman extension menu and click "Add Account"

2. This will open up a browser tab. Click on the "Import from Polkadot.js" button

3. Upload your .json file and enter your Polkadot.js password. IMPORTANT: From this step onwards, your Polkadot.js password will no longer work - Your Talisman password is now the password you must use when accessing your funds.

Q: I have imported my Polkadot.js account from my secret phrase, but my balances don't show.

A: It is likely that your assets were held in a derived account on Polkadot.js, so you need to make sure that you import the correct account.

Derived accounts created on Polkadot.js will not show up in Talisman extension unless you:

  • Onboard Talisman with your original secret phrase as a root account and re-derive these accounts (one-by-one) by clicking "Add Account", then "New account". Note: The original password will not be required.


  • Import these derived accounts (individually) by JSON backup file. Note: The original password will be required.

Q: Can I use Talisman for my Ledger Accounts?

A: Yes! Check this official "how to" Video by Ledger. If you are having any troubles using your Ledger with Talisman make sure you meet all requirements listed on Ledger's guide!

Q: I've found a bug, where can I report it?

A: Please visit https://talisman.upvoty.com/b/bugs/ and list your bug.

To assist us with fixing the bug as quickly as possible, please be sure to include:

  1. Title Give your thread a descriptive title. Please check to make sure nobody has posted the same bug already. Upvote them if they have!🙏

  2. Environment Example:

    • Device (eg. 16inch Macbook Pro, Late 2015)

    • Operating system (eg. MacOS Monterey v12.0)

    • Browser (ie. Chrome Version 96.0.4664.55)

    • Test build version (ie. Alpha v0.2.1)

  3. Steps to Reproduce Example:

    • Go to 'Add Account'

    • Click 'Import from Seed Phrase'

    • Enter seed phrase > click 'Restore'

  4. Expected Result Example: "New account is added from seed phrase and I'm taken to the accounts page"

  5. Actual Result Example: "Extension crashes and white screen appears"

  6. Upload a file Please share a video, screen capture or anything else that might help us.

Q: What are the benefits of holding a Spirit Key?

A: A Spirit Key will allow you to gain early access to future Talisman alpha releases, it will also give you the ability to link your wallet in the Talisman discord and access private channels, as well as contribute to the ongoing development of the Talisman project. Holders also get access to special events and giveaways.

Q: Where do I get a Spirit Key?

A: Spirit Keys are available on the singular marketplace by RMRK. Check the offical collection: https://singular.rmrk.app/collections/b6e98494bff52d3b1e-SPIRIT?page=1&forsale=forSale&sortBy=priceAscending

Q: How can I send my assets to Talisman?

A: Talisman is focused on building the best wallet to explore the Paraverse of applications within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.

As of writing, the extension supports native parachain tokens and selected testnet tokens only.

To transfer your assets to Talisman follow the steps below:

1. Open the Talisman extension interface and view your accounts;

2. Click on the Copy Address button to open your public addresses;

3. You can now search for the asset/network you need.

4. Click the Copy Address button to retrieve your address for each asset. You can now use that address to receive tokens sent from another wallet or exchange into your Talisman wallet.

Q: Does Talisman collect any of my data?

A: Talisman extension does not collect personal data. It uses Sentry to collect anonymous error reports to help improve its products.

If you want to opt out of these reports, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Talisman extension menu and click "Settings";

2. Click "Security and Privacy";

3. Switch OFF "Error Reporting".

Q: Where can I keep my account's Secret/Seed phrase?

A: You should make note of your Secret/Seed phrase in writing and store the piece of paper in a private location.

Q: I have sent less than 1 DOT to my Talisman account, but it doesn't appear in my wallet, why?

A: If you send less than 1 DOT to empty account, your funds will be lost permanently because of Existential Deposit requirements. You should send at least 1.1 DOT to a new account in order to account for both the Existential Deposit and future transaction fees.

Q: Can I use Talisman extension to send funds to an EVM address?

A: Talisman does not currently support EVM transactions.

Q: I accidentally closed a permission pop-up when entering a new dapp. What should I do?

A: If you accidentally close the permission pop-up and are unable to connect your wallet to the dapp, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Talisman extension interface and click "Not connected";

2. Click the account that you want to connect;

3. This will show your selected account as connected to the dapp.

Q: Does Talisman have anti-scam features like Polkadot.js extension?

A: Talisman reuses a lot of Polkadot.js code, including the associated anti-phishing libraries to safeguard users from reported scams and phishing websites. These features are developed through community members contributions and are still work in progress.

Users should take care and check information like URLs carefully before connecting their Talisman accounts and review transaction details before signing them.

Q: Why can't I remove some of my accounts?

A: The Talisman wallet allows you to create/import a main (root) account from which you can create other (derived) accounts. This main account cannot be removed for security and operational reasons.

Q: Where can I keep my account's JSON backup file?

A: You should store your JSON backup file and its password away from connected devices.

Q: I have lost my Talisman password. How do I recover my account?

A: You can use your Secret/Seed phrase to import your Talisman account into the Talisman extension.

Q: I do not speak English. What can I do?

A: The Talisman browser extension is currently available in English, but there are plans to integrate translations soon.

The Talisman Discord has 14 channels dedicated to our non-English speaking communities to talk all things Dotsama - make sure to drop by to meet other members!

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