Watched-only Accounts

With Talisman’s watched accounts feature, you can follow and view balances of any Polkadot or Ethereum accounts without importing your recovery phrase into Talisman.

Watched accounts will allow you to keep a close eye on your own external addresses ( such as a ledger you don't use often, but you want to track its asset balance) or follow Polkadot and Ethereum accounts of interest and track their activity (such as DAOs, companies or your favourite Web3 celebrity).

In this article you will learn how to add watched accounts during onboarding, in the Talisman wallet and via the Talisman Portal.

  1. After your Talisman wallet is installed, navigate to "Get Started"

  1. Set a password

  1. Read the privacy notice and opt in/out of analytics and error reporting.

  1. Select "add watched account" at the bottom of the screen

  1. Select account type (Polkadot or Ethereum)

  1. Set an account name and add the account public key/address. If you want to include this accounts balances in your total portfolio balance, toggle on the "include in my portfolio" option. Select "Add" when you have filled in the required fields.

  1. The watched account is now added to your accounts list and can be identified by the eye icon next to the account name.

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