Wallet Options

An overview

Clicking the More Options button in the nav bar will open up a list of features. This article will explain them very briefly and provide links to all the articles that are dedicated to these individual features. The links are attached to the header of each feature. The articles you get linked to might have a different name or serve as an overview header for a number of features again. Just keep reading and you will get to the bottom of it.

This feature allows you to send any of your funds. It will open the send funds modal in a high level view so you can select from all of your available accounts and their assets.

This opens the fiat on-ramp integrated into the Talisman wallet. It will take you to the extended view. A small window opens asking your for your desired crypto, which account you want to fund and how much you fiat you actually want to convert. Some form of KYC is required.

This mode is for ultimate privacy and keeps your balances secret to anybody who may watch your screen. Useful if you are out in public or want to be safe when recording or streaming your screen. A simple click on a hidden balance will reveal it again. This option is like a toggle so simply click it again to reveal all balances again.

Initiates adding of a new account. This could be a new account or an already existing one. Even your Ledger account can be imported via this feature.

The settings take you to the extended view and allow you to customize your Talisman wallet. This is where you can manage your already existing accounts and configure the way you want the wallet to behave. Managing custom EVM tokens is also included here.

This initiates backing up your wallet. Provide your current password and Talisman will show you the seed phrase of your root account. Store it somewhere safe!

Simply locks your wallet. You need to put in your password to gain access it again.

v 1.1

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