Sending Funds

There are different ways to acces the Send Funds interface

Or via the features menu.

Whenever you access the Send Funds interface you will be taken to the expanded view mode. Decide wether you want to do a Substrate or EVM transaction.

Here you specify which asset to send at which address and from what account. Pay close attention to the chain you choose to transfer the asset on.

In the picture below you can see that we selected DOT as the asset and want to transfer this on the Polkadot relay chain. With XCM its also possible to have the native asset of a chain on various other chains. Its crucial for you to select the right one because the actively chosen network will override the address format the recipients address is in. If you fail to do so the transaction will either fail due to lack of funds or result in an unwanted asset transfer!

Now select any of your accounts as the sender in the from text field and a recipient in the to text field, which can either be one of your other accounts or any valid substrate address.

If you select a network which the recipients address format differs from, Talisman will show a warning to let you know that the address will be converted to the previously chosen network format.

The balance shown at the bottom of the interface indicates the current balance on the sender account. The dollar amount is an estimation of the current value in US dollars.

Click review to proceed and get a final overview of your transaction. Including an estimation of the transaction fees at the bottom. Finish your transaction with Approve.

Once the network has processed your transaction you are done!

v 1.1

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