Adding Custom Substrate Networks

Adding an RPC endpoint to your wallet is an incredibly useful tool in many scenarios. For developers, this offers the ability to test and interact with specific networks or testnets that aren't already supported by Talisman. In everyday use, adding an RPC of your choice can result in a more performant experience. In both cases, Talisman provides the tools you need. Here's how to set it up:

Setting Up a Custom RPC in Talisman

For a tailored experience with Substrate-based chains, Talisman's interface allows custom RPC configurations.

  1. Navigate to "Settings" from the Talisman dashboard

  1. Enter the "Networks & Tokens" section

  1. Select "Manage Networks”

  1. Make sure you have selected Polkadot and click “Add network”

  1. Enter your RPC address and name the network. In this case, we will use the custom endpoint for a local node (ws://

  1. Your custom substrate network is ready to go!

Version v1.19.4

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