Using the Address Book

Adding an address to Talisman's address book

In this tutorial we will be demonstrating how to access Talisman’s built-in address book. Additionally, the tutorial will show you how to add and delete contacts as well as a few additional features of the address book.

  1. Click into settings.

  1. Click on “Address book”

  1. You will now be able to access your address book. Once in your address book, simply select the network you want and click “Add a contact”.

  1. Type a name and an address for the contact and click save. As you see Talisman addresses are emoji compatible.

Note: You cannot add addresses to the address book that are included in your own wallet.

Sending funds to an address book contact

  1. To send funds to an address book contact click the send button and select the token you want to send. You will see your address book contacts appear first under the heading “Contacts”.

  1. Click the contact’s name and you will now see their name in the “To” field of the send funds pop-up. Now all that is left is to fill in the amount and review the transaction.

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