Connect your wallet to a Website/dApp

A step by step guide

With Talisman you are able to connect to nearly every dApp across the EVM and Substrate ecosystem. Thanks to the MetaMask compatibility mode you can be sure that every dApp that supports MetaMask can also be used with Talisman. This compatibility mode is active by default so nothing to worry about!

For best user experience we suggest to disable MetaMask while using Talisman to prevent the two extensions from interfering with each other. If you stumble across a dApp that you can't connect to, you can visit our Discord and ask for help or simply contact the dApp developers regarding this issue.

Following is a step by step guide that walks you trough the connecting process at the nft marketplace Singular.

1. Go to the Website/dApp and click Connect.

2. Select Talisman from the list of supported wallets.

3. A popup will prompt you to choose a Talisman account.

4. Select a Talisman account and click Connect 1 .

5. Your Talisman account is now connected to the Website/dApp. Select your account in the dApp UI.

6. To connect another account, click on the Talisman extension icon on your browser bar, then click on 1 Connected at the top.

7. Select your desired additional Talisman account to be connected and close the popup. If you search for an Eth account make sure you ticked the checkbox to show them.

8. You can then change/switch accounts directly from the Website/dApp interface. Click Select account.

Most dApps behave this way. Choose in the Talisman extension which accounts you want to connect to the site and then specify via the dApp menu which of those accounts you want to use.

Congratulations on completing the Talisman initiation!

If you want to reset your settings for a dApp you can do so via the Talisman setting Trusted Sites. Adjust your connected accounts or even choose Forget Site to give it a fresh start.

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