Your NFTs

Just as Talisman makes it easy to see all your funds in one place, you can also see all your NFTs as well! There are a few different ways to get to the NFT section on the Talisman Portal at

Click the marked button on the bottom of the extensions main view. This is forwarding you straight to the NFT section.

1. Now that you are on the NFT section you will need to connect a wallet. Click the yellow highlighted Connect button.

2. Choose a wallet from the list. Obviously we recommend Talisman! Select the accounts you want to connect in your wallet.

3. Finish account selection by either viewing all NFTs of all your accounts or narrow it down to just one of the accounts you connected in the previous step. Select via the dropdown menu.

4. Now your NFTs will be loaded up and displayed in a convenient overview. In this example we see the image, collection name and NFT identifier. Click the NFT for a detailed view.

5. In this detailed view there are additional information like the current floor price, edition id, and the network it is on, combined with a link to a marketplace suited for this exact NFT. Additionally the text description from the collection details will be displayed.

6. As you can see the Portal even differs between rmrk1 and rmrk2 NFTs with an additional Migrated NFT attribute if you already migrated this NFT from rmrk1 to rmrk2. The Network with the marketplace link has changed accordingly. The Talisman Portal is simply the best tool to keep track of your multichain NFTs!

v 1.1

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