Auto Asset Discovery

Asset Auto Discovery helps you quickly add your assets to Talisman without the need to manually add networks and tokens. Currently this is only applicable to EVM assets.

Accessing Auto Discovery:

  1. For manual asset discovery, click on the “Settings” button from the main Talisman dashboard.

  1. From there, navigate to “Networks & Tokens”.

  1. Once in the Networks & Tokens section, click on “Asset discovery”.

  1. Via the Auto Discovery dashboard, you are able to perform the token scan. Under the “Scan” button, you can choose to either scan for assets on either “active networks” or “all networks”.

    Your active networks are the networks currently enabled in the “Manage Networks” tab in the “Networks & Tokens” settings page. “All networks” refers to all commonly known networks, including ones that aren’t activated in your wallet.

    For the sake of this guide we will utilize the active networks option.

  1. Once the scan has been completed, a list of discovered assets will be shown at the bottom of your screen. With each asset, Talisman provides the ability to view:

    1. Token Details

    2. View on block explorer

    3. View on Coingecko

  1. You can independently add assets to your portfolio or you can “Add All Tokens” with one click by pressing the corresponding button. For this guide, we will select the “Add All Tokens” option. Activating a token will also activate its corresponding network.

PLEASE BE AWARE: There may be spam tokens in the list as well, so take precaution when choosing which tokens to activate.

  1. Once you have added your tokens, they will be added to your wallet


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