Transaction History

Talisman offers a dedicated web based tool to view your transaction history. The first one in the space to show all of your accounts transactions across all substrate chains and many EVM chains. Developed by the Talisman team in cooperation with Subsquid.

To access your transaction history directly from your wallet simply click transaction history in the extended view or the transaction history icon in the expansion view. You can also access it at the Talisman Portal directly with this link

Clicking this takes you to the history section of the Talisman Portal. Here you can select which accounts you want to connect. Then every transaction of the selected accounts from all substrate and some EVM chains are displayed in chronological order. You can search for a specific transaction by:

  • account address

  • block number

  • chain id e.g. moonbeam

  • event name e.g. staking.bonded, nominationpools.unbonded

  • call name e.g. nominationpools.join

Note that the transactions are grouped by each day. Every transaction has three columns. The first describes the type and exact time of the transaction. Different icons help to quickly understand what the transaction's purpose was. The last two columns vary by transaction type.

Second Column displays the asset and the sent amount.

Third Column displays the recipients address.

Inspect the transactions in more detail with a click on the icon on the right side of each transaction slot. This will take you to a dedicated block explorer like subscan for substrate based chains.

This site doesn't use entries per page but perpetual scrolling so just keep scrolling to view more transactions.

All new parachains will be added as they are indexed.

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