Change Password

Passwords play a key factor in the security of your wallet. In certain scenarios, our passwords can become compromised or we may desire to upgrade to a newer, more intricate password. As a security measure, it is recommended to change your passwords every few months to ensure maximum protection.

Fortunately, Talisman provides a simple solution for changing your password.

1) Open up the Talisman Wallet and click on the Expand Portfolio View button to open the Wallet Dashboard.

2) In the Wallet Dashboard, head over to the Settings tab via the navigation on the left. Within Settings, select Change Password.

3) In the provided form. Enter your old password, followed by the new password and a confirmation of that password you wish to set. Once done, click the Submit button.

4) Upon successfully changing your password, you will be prompted with a notification on the top right corner stating Password changed.

5) Congratulations! You've successfully changed your password and have taken the steps into making your account more secure.

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