Multi-Recovery Phrase Management

Using Talisman, you can create and manage multiple recovery phrases directly within the wallet.

Managing Your Recovery Phrases

Navigating to Recovery Phrases:

  1. Click on the "Settings" button from your Talisman dashboard.

  1. Select "Recovery Phrases".

  1. Under each recovery phrase, you can view the accounts derived from that phrase.

Phrase Management: Backup, Rename, or Delete

1. Access Recovery Phrase Options:

  • Find the recovery phrase you want to manage and click the three dots next to the phrase.

  1. Choose 'Rename' from the dropdown menu.

  1. Enter the new name and confirm the change.

Please remember:

  1. Keep your recovery phrase safe: Your recovery phrase gives you access to your wallet and funds. It can be used to restore your Talisman created accounts if you lose access to your device, or forget your password.

  2. Confidentiality is Key: Your recovery phrases are for your eyes only.

  3. Physical Backup Recommended: We advocate writing down phrases on paper and storing them securely.


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