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Across the Paraverse

This section is all about making your first steps in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem and funding your account via the Talisman inbuilt fiat on-ramp.
​Connect your wallet to a Website/dApp guides you through the process of connecting your wallet to any dApp that works on substrate chains or EVM. A very basic but important article that is a prerequisite to follow a lot of other guides in this documentation.
​Get your first DOT / KSM shows three different options of obtaining funds. Get guidance on using a decentralized or a centralized exchange as well as the Talisman integrated fiat on-ramp.
The Talisman fiat on-ramp is a very easy way to get your first funds. Keep in mind that there is some KYC required and you can only pay with a credit card or google pay.
​Buying an NFT illustrates the process of buying a NFT on a substrate based and on an EVM NFT marketplace.
​Minting an NFT explains the way of creating a NFT on the Kusama blockchain on the singular marketplace. A guide aimed at creating your very first NFT and explaining all the possible features that you can choose during the creation process.