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Migrate From Polkadot.js Wallet

It's really easy to migrate from Polkadot.js to Talisman. We recommend exporting a .json file for each account you want to migrate - here's how to do it.
1. Click the polkadot.js logo in your browser: this will bring up your list of accounts.
2. Click on the three vertical dots next to the account you want to export;
3. Click Export Account.
4. You will need to enter your Polkadot.js password to export the .json file.
5. You will then download a file to your computer. Please keep this file private, as this file combined with your password grant access to your account and funds.
6. Now that everything Polkadot.js is done, let's switch to Talisman! Open the Talisman wallet in your browser and click the expand view icon (bottom).
7. Select Add Account from the menu on the left.
8. Click Import via JSON file.
9. Click Choose file and locate the .json file you just exported
10. Enter the original Polkadot.js wallet password that you previously used to export the JSON file
11. If performed correctly, you will see a message displayed in the top right of the wallet confirming that the account was successfully added. You should also be able to see the wallet and all its associated funds
Congrats! You're all done. If you would like to import multiple wallets, simply repeat all the steps above.
v 1.1