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Import an EVM Account

To import an existing EVM account into Talisman you need to have the secret phrase of that account at hand.
If you’re using MetaMask, in Settings > Security & Privacy, you can reveal your seed phrase for easy access if you don’t have it handy.
Now that you have your secret phrase you can proceed to importing it into Talisman.
1. Open up Talisman in extended view mode.
2. Click "Add Account" in the menu on the left.
3. Choose "Import via Recovery Phrase".
4. Choose "Ethereum" as the account type to import.
5. Type in a name for your imported account and paste your secret phrase.
6. Decide on importing multiple accounts from this seed or just the root account! The checkbox determines if you import multiple accounts or, when left blank, just the initial Metamask account. To not accidentally miss any accounts from this seed phrase it's suggested to tick the checkbox and continue. This will show you the derived accounts and their estimated dollar value. Then you have another chance on choosing the accounts relevant to you. Each with their own checkbox.
7. Select the check box for all the accounts you'd like to import.
After clicking "Import" the task is completed and the accounts will be available in Talisman.
v 1.1