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One-Click Staking

With the Talisman one-click staking you can make use of Polkadot's pool staking feature with as little as 1 DOT staked. Talisman will automatically select a trustworthy validator by various criteria to ensure you are earning high yield while also staying safe and consistent. No longer do you need to do the timeconsuming setup of stash and controller accounts.
To use this feature visit the staking section of the Portal https://app.talisman.xyz/staking
1. Select the account you want to stake with. If you have trouble connecting your accounts to the website you should revisit this article for guidance.
2. Decide on how much DOT you want to stake. Keep in mind, that accounts on Polkadot have an existential deposit of exactly 1 DOT. In case you stake everything except for 1 DOT then you won't be able to claim your rewards due to the associated transaction fee with the claim. So we suggest to leave some surplus DOT in your account to make a successful reward claim later on.
3. Give the account you staked with, the amount, and also the selected pool a final check. We suggest to stick to the pools that Talisman automatically selects if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Click Stake and Approve the transaction in your Talisman wallet extension a final time.
4. After a few seconds you should see this message in the top left assuring a successful transaction. Your funds are now staked and the website will adjust accordingly. Now you can keep track of your current stake, the current rewards and modify your position by unstaking or adding more funds to your stake.
Enjoy the true APY of Polkadot staking. Talisman takes no cut of your rewards nor are there any hidden fees to use this dashboard or feature. One-click staking is simply an interface to use Polkadot's on-chain staking, and your funds are never out of your own custody! Make sure to try out the other awesome features Talisman offers!
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