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Extension Views

You probably already know the small view of the extension as the popup style window that overlaps your currently visited website. There is also a more detailed and bigger extended view available. You can access this view by clicking the expanding arrow in the menu at the bottom of the extension view. This will open your Talisman wallet in a whole tab. Even though it takes up the whole tab it is not a webpage but completely local on your machine. This is also indicated by the url bar referring to the extension.
If you click the functionalities that are provided under more options in the extension view you will almost always be taken to the extended view. Some settings are just not available in the small extension view.
This is how the two views look like.
extended view
extension view
In general you should be aware that the Talisman wallet state is always shared between the extension and the extended view. As the name suggests they are just different views at the same wallet.
Which view you use is totally up to you. There are some constraints though. Interacting with a dApp will always be with the extension view and many features the wallet supports are only available in the extended view. For example sending funds or modifying your settings. Other than that you are free to chose.
Use the extension view for easy access while browsing or the extended view for maximum details and functionality.
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