Talisman Wallet
An extension for holding and receiving your DotSama assets.
The Talisman Wallet is a non-custodial (meaning we can never access your funds) wallet for storing your assets (tokens, nfts etc) and connecting to 3rd party Dapps to perform actions on Polkadot / Kusama blockchains and their respective parachains. Furthermore the extension has full evm support and enables you to use it just like metamask for your ethereum activities. No longer needed to switch between different wallets for different chains.
The wallet is available for download in the Extension store on Chromium browsers (Brave, Chrome, Edge etc) and Firefox.
overview all accounts
The wallet has a range of features including:
  • Adding new accounts
  • Sending funds
  • A full screen mode: no more interacting with your wallet from a tiny screen!
  • Update your settings
  • A direct link to the Talisman Web App
  • A lock function: protect your account when you are not actively using it!
Showcase of all the items available in the small view menu.
In Addition to the small pop-up style view of the extension we offer a full-view mode thats accessible via the "Expand View" function. Now you can explore your account and assets in greater detail and separately for each chain.
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