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Minting an NFT

Create your own NFT on Singular
This article will guide you through the process of creating a new NFT on the Singular NFT marketplace. It's aimed at users who want to start playing around with NFT creation. Bigger NFT projects that are constructed with heavy script usage is not in the scope of this article.

Create a single NFT

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    Open https://singular.app/ and connect your account. Then click the Create Button in the top menu.
2. Select the network you want to create the NFT on. In this example we will use Kusama.
3. Select the NFT type. An equippable base is a more advanced feature thats one of the unique features of the RMRK NFT standard. So to create a standalone simple NFT just select NFT.
Every NFT needs a collection that it is associated with or part of. If you don't have a collection yet your screen will look exactly as in this picture and you need to create a collection. Click the highlighted button.
This is the collection creation screen. You need to upload a logo, set a name, symbol and write up a small obligatory description. The external link is optional but can make sense if you have a dedicated website for your project. Finish this process clicking the Create button.
Now that your collection is set up you can select it in the previous screen and start the setup of the actual NFT. Upload any of the supported data formats. If you create anything different than a simple JPEG it does make sense to also add a pleasing thumbnail that gives your otherwise completely non-visual data some unique look.
Set the name of your NFT and fill out any of the optional features if you wish. The optional features are explained below this picture. Finish up by clicking Create and sign the incoming transaction.
Royalties in % sets the percentage of the sale price that the creator of the NFT receives every time the NFT is sold. So if you want to benefit from future sales of the NFT on the singular marketplace you should include your desired value (as this is in percent you can choose anywhere between 0 and 100).
With the custom attributes feature you can implement additional features to the NFT. For example this feature might be used to explicitly state the rarity of that NFT. In case you are minting your own artwork you could also put "Artist" as name and enter your own artist name as the value. These features will be shown in the form of tags on the singular marketplace and are very useful for highlighting key features that distinguish them from other NFTs. They are more common in NFT projects that are doing a whole collection instead of just one NFT as we are doing in this example.
Revealable NFT is also a feature that is more common in bigger NFT projects. This allows to put a generic NFT on the marketplace and sell out a collection at a fixed price. Lateron these NFTs will be revealed. This means they will be converted to the actual NFTs that the desired collection consists of. You can think of this as playing the lottery. Everybody buys generic NFTs (the tickets) and after a certain time the NFTs will be revealed (lottery draw) and everybody gets a new random NFT which can be more of the common (blank) or the ultra rare epic legendary (jackpot). A rather well known example usecase of this feauture is the Kanaria Birds collection by the rmrk team themselves.
There are also other NFT marketplaces available to the Polkadot ecosystem specializing in EVM-based NFT tokens, for example Moonbeans, Raresama and OpenSea.